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Say it loud and proud! There are so many reasons to love your local area and we are here to listen. Let everyone know about the ins and outs of your location in exchange for awesome perks that you will surely enjoy.

What is a Buenbyahe Community Ambassador?

Community Ambassadors are a modern-day digital tour guide, who knows their local community by heart and would love the rest of the world to discover the beauty of it. If you love to travel, share stories, and help other explorers bask in our diverse destinations, rich Filipino heritage, culture, traditions, and values — then you are exactly what we are looking for!

Help boost the tourism in your hometown now!

Who can join Buenbyahe Community?

This offer is open for EveryJuan above 18 years old and has a passion for travelling, making sure that travellers get the best experience, and helping travellers enjoy what your place can offer to its fullest potential.

We are on the hunt for Community Ambassadors in every corner of the country. We need someone from every barangay, organizations, companies, agencies, communities, and private individuals to be part of the Buenbyahe’s vision to provide a safe, enjoyable, and affordable travel experience for everyone.

Let’s Get started

Rewards and Perks

Be a part of the travel-nation as a Buenbyahe Community Ambassador today! In exchange for helping us unlock hidden gems in your local area, we would be happy to give you the following rewards and perks:

Points for every valuable and verified travel tips

Submit through any form of simple writing, graphics, or video.

Travel Voucher

Get a minimum PHP 300 travel voucher for every successfully published recommendation.

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy up to 50% off on our services when you become part of the Community.

Partner Discounts

Be a VIP at our affiliate partners’ businesses.

Exposure and Promotion

Boost the local tourism in your area.

Lots of Opportunity

Become a Buenbyahe Community Amabssador Pro and earn more perks and rewards!


  • Community ambassador is a version of a local community  travel guide in the Philippines. Its primary work is to contribute legit travel guide  information within his or her currently community residency and at the same time to promote his/her possible spot  tourist community to world
  • As Community Ambassador  she or he must be passionate in promoting Flipino culture, food, places and other things to do that can contribute piece of information for the benefit of our beloved travelers.
  • Community Ambassador  is an island wide travel community of explorers who write reviews, share photos, answer questions, add or edit places, and check facts by submitting these information. You are also contributing to the Community Ambassador With our collaboration to google map   . Millions of people rely on contributions like yours to decide where to go and what to do.

You must as be  Filipino at least 17 years old above, with little knowledge on how to use smartphones with existing account google, facebook, or instagram, apple etc , all existing user , affiliates and travel communities are welcome to join.

  • Sign up  in our provided form online here to get target
  • Let you email or mobile number verified in seconds
  • Once you are verified, you may now proceed to completion of your profile account: Your dashboard has the following details:

Community Ambassador Dashboard Topic Menu

  • Home
  •  Announcements
  •  Guiding Stars
  •  Photography
  •  Hotels
  • Vacation Homes
  • Tours
  • Culture
  • Tourist spot
  •  Food & Drink
  •  Travel Local Stories
  • Travel Advocies 
  •  Community Ambassadors Meet-ups
  •  How-tos
  •  Help Desk
  •  Idea Exchange
  •  Favorite Locations

Note to the developer: Creation of this system program can be access by all user , guests, travel communities, affiliates  etc 

Points, levels,  badging and travel credits 
Travel Guide contributionPoints earnedTravel Credits in Php
Review10 points per review5
Review with more than 200 characters10 bonus points per review5
Rating1 point per rating.5
Photo5 points per photo2.5
Photo tags3 points per tag1.5
Video7 points per video3.5
Answer1 point per answer.50
Respond to Q&As3 points per response1.5
Edit5 points per edit2.5
Place added15 points per place added7.50
Road added15 points per road added7.50
Fact checked1 point per fact checked.50
Eligible list published10 points per published list5
Description (in list)5 points per description added2.5
Report Listing Discrepancy 5 points per description added2.5